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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your quilting done by computer?

No, all stitching is done free hand by me. Nothing is pre-programmed or pre-set.

My stitch regulator keeps stitches even throughout the quilting process so you

have a quality, finished piece.



What is an "All Over Design" ?

An all over design is a repeating motif that covers the entire quilt.

Examples include meanders and pantographs.



What is "Custom Quilting" ?

Custom work is an individual, one-of-a-kind pattern created after looking at your piece. Different elements of your piecing end up with different quilting motifs to enhance your design.



What quilt size can be done?

I can accommodate any length by a maximum width of 120".



Who will handle my quilt?

Just me! I have a pet-free and smoke-free studio and quilts are

never sent out for finishing.



Will fullness and wrinkles "quilt out"?

Sometimes, yes...sometimes, no.

I will do my best to camouflage any issues found during your consultation

appointment or that I encounter during the quilting process.



What is "Turn Around Time"?

It's the time span from when you drop off your quilt top until the day you pick it up. Turn around time varies depending on the time of year.

Be sure to contact me for current turn around times.



Why should I make an appointment before my quilt top is done?

Because we all get things done when there's a deadline! As an example, if, in March, you are considering making a Christmas quilt for  someone but don't even have your fabric yet, call me now to make an appointment for October. I would rather move your appointment to a later date than try and squeeze you in.



How can I avoid wavy borders?

Here's the "Simple Rule"...


Measure your center horizontal dimension.

Use that length to cut your horizontal borders.

Sew them on your quilt top and ease in, if necessary.

Measure the entire center vertical dimension.

Use that length to cut your vertical borders.

Sew them on your quilt top and, if necessary,  ease them in.

Repeat steps 1-6 for every border you add. (You'll be happy and so will I!)


How is the quilting price calculated?

I charge by the square inch. My price range starts at a penny and ends at a dime.

See my pricing page for more details.


Why do my backing and batting need to be bigger than my quilt top?

First and foremost, it's necessary for proper loading onto the quilt frame. Second, it gives me "wiggle room" in case your piecing isn't quite perfect. Third, it gives me an area to customize tension for your quilt top.


What is not included in the quilting charge?

Batting, backing, thread and binding materials, unless supplied by you, are additional. Other "extras" are also offered.


How should I choose a batting?

Your batting should hold together when you give it a slight tug. If it pulls apart easily, by  all means, choose something else! Polyester gives the most warmth, doesn't shrink and needs less quilting. Cotton is cooler, shrinks more and needs more quilting.

Blends are in the middle.


What if I don't have my own backing or batting?

I offer Quilters Dream batting to customers at wholesale pricing. Backing fabric will be purchased at retail from a local quilt shop.


Do you need binding?

Yes. Refer to the pricing page for detailed information.


How are payments made?

Full payment is due upon completion of your quilt or prior to shipping the finished product back to you. No down payment is necessary. (I have your quilt after all!) Cash, personal check or money orders are accepted. Cash payments are accepted in person only. All checks should be made out to "Longarm Legacies".








Do you do charity quilts?


Currently I do charity/donation quilts for two organizations...

Hope Lodge and Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland.

(Please keep in mind I must limit the number of charity quilts I do in a year.)




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